We learn best in community and workshops foster new levels of awareness for participants.  The following workshops can be tailored to any person or group, and designed over a number of weeks, a weekend or a single day.


Healing your Back

For years, we have been plagued by the mysteries of back pain. We don't know how we developed the pain nor do we know what to do to relieve it, leaving us frustrated.

In this workshop, we examine what causes back pain and what can be done in order to reduce and eventually eliminate the pain. Participants gain an understanding of and take home concrete solutions for reducing back pain. 


Improve your Running/Walking with Somatics

This workshop teaches you how to release tight muscles around your hips, low back and torso allowing you to run and/or walk with your entire body instead of just your arms and legs. Participants leave with a comprehensive understanding of how the body functions when you run or walk. 

After my first Art of Running class my body was so relaxed that I could run farther and I felt fast. Being relaxed, I am also less susceptible to injury. With the Art of Running, you get everything you need in one package. A relaxed body with no concerns about injury and a sense of flying while running.
— CM

Prices range from $100.00 to $1000.00 plus applicable taxes.