Thanks to the moves I’ve learned in Somatics and to the diligent attention of my instructor, Richard, I experience periods of being pain free. When I begin the class, I am in so much pain I often wonder if I’ll be able to continue. Then, within about 10 minutes, the pain in my back, legs and hips from osteoarthritis, bursitis and fibromyalgia continues to dissipate until I am pain free by end of class. This respite lasts well into the evening so I am able to get a good night’s sleep. What’s more, I now have a tool kit of positions to practice to return my body to balance again and again.
— JM
Richard is an incredible yoga instructor. His hands-on, humorous approach to instruction helps students feel instantly at ease. His attentive nature ensures participants are able to connect with the Somatic practice and move more fully to functional health. All that he teaches can easily be applied to every day life. A true urban yogi!
— JA
Somatics with Richard is phenomenal - returning the body to its natural alignment for greater ease and freedom of movement. I like to say that Richard’s Somatics class could oil and align even the Tin Man’s joints! I tried his Somatics class after tearing all the ligaments in my right knee in a downhill ski accident. At first, my whole body felt like it had a massage. Each and every session helped decrease the pain and improve my mobility. Having been a national team athlete for 10 years and working my body to its edge, I am truly impressed with the results. Richard, many thanks. I believe your work is essential. I wish you much success!
— DB
Somatics could be called Body Awareness 101 — a teaching beneficial to anyone who cares about wellness.
— MB