Richard’s Somatics class could oil and align even the Tin Man’s joints! I tried his Somatics class after tearing all the ligaments in my right knee in a downhill ski accident. At first, my whole body felt like it had a massage. Each and every session helped decrease the pain and improve my mobility. Having been a national team athlete for 10 years and working my body to its edge, I am truly impressed with the results.
— DB
Somatics could be called Body Awareness 101 - a teaching beneficial to anyone who cares about wellness.
— MB

Somatic Movement is an alignment based practice that is gentle and beneficial for those who suffer from back pain.[1]

Each day, we hurry to work, run to the bus and sit for long periods of time in the car or at work. These daily routines become more challenging as we forget the healthy patterns of breathing, sitting and moving. Somatic movement creates a new felt sense of muscle memory which allows you to sit, stand or walk with your posture aligned.

All Somatic Movement is practised deliberately and without force. Because it is deliberate and slow, the nervous system is soothed, the breath is regulated and the muscles are finally able to relax.  

Relaxed muscles bring greater sensory awareness to the body and release unconscious holding patterns and unwanted tension. 

With this new body wisdom, you recognize when your body is out of alignment and are able to correct the imbalance.

This is the value of body intelligence.

[1] Somatic Movement derives from Moshe Feldenkrais, Thomas Hanna’s Somatic Education and Deep Priya's Somayog.

Individual Somatic Therapy - $90.00/session
Please inquire about group classes and prices
(Prices do not include applicable taxes.)