Lifestyle Coaching

Living your Purpose is like Star Trek: you boldly go where you have not ventured before. You need to take your brain off “stun” mode and you will be transported to your new self so that you can live long and prosper.
— CM
If you are committed to grow, are ready to open yourself up to change and transformation, and want to meet and share with kindred spirits ... then I highly recommend you take this course. You might be surprised with whom you cross paths, what knowledge comes up from within and what wisdom you encounter.
— MD

Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

Being clear about what you want and where you are going is critical for personal success. A new pattern of thinking is required to create lasting change. Coaching sessions increase your self-confidence and clarity about what you want in your life, and then utilize a system for attracting those items into your life.

Collaborating together, we identify your vision, desires and goals. We determine your values and match them to your actions, so you are more consistent in living your values. We use self-care techniques to enhance your own personal path and help you manage resistant and self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent you from reaching your goals.

When you feel certain about where you're going and have a plan for getting there, you are no longer a victim of circumstance or unconscious reactions. Obstacles won’t diminish, but you’ll have the skills to ignite your passion and succeed despite the fears and blocks that show up.

Coaching Sessions - $90.00/session plus applicable taxes.

Coaching Workshops - Living Your Passion

This workshop (previously known as "Living Your Purpose") empowers you to live a more authentic and purposeful life. We begin by having you reflect on the vision of your life. Using your vision as the focal point, we examine your values and help you to determine if you are congruent with living those values.

We help you discover your process; the "how" you live and work in the world. We use specifically designed questions to peel back levels of resistance and encourage you to explore the ways in which you resist your own success and vision. Finally we teach self-care strategies to create greater love of self.

At the end of this course, you will have your own set of skills, principles and guidelines to go forward, fulfilling your vision and manifesting the magnificence of your life.