Conjunction Junction, How Do You Function?


Do you know how your body functions? Are you aware of how your body copes with stress and tension? Knowing how to manage your stress and balance your body makes the difference between aging successfully or just getting older.



Somatic Movement

Somatic movement is both a therapeutic and rejuvenating practice. It relaxes tight muscles, restores balance to the body and aligns the spine. Somatic Movement is the link between your work life and the rest of your life.

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Clinical Somatic Education

Clinical Somatic Education is the link between your work life and the rest of your life. By teaching you how your body functions, Somatic Education makes you sustainable in your own body. Everything you do gets BETTER: you’ll move better, have improved posture, sleep more soundly and, most importantly, you’ll know when you are out of alignment.

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Lifestyle Coaching

To create growth, we change our thinking and take concrete action. Lifestyle coaching brings you a fresh perspective to growth, change and freedom. What do you do want to achieve?

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