Clinical Somatic Education

Using the techniques of pandiculation, a shortening and lengthening of muscles, Clinical Somatic Education creates a new and lasting memory of how the muscle can function. This new muscle function allows you to move differently in your body, whether you are running, skating, golfing, swimming, jumping or working out.

Benefits of Clinical Somatic Education

  • Better balance

  • Increased strength

  • Greater hip and spinal rotation

  • Improved running gait

  • Greater flexibility in your hips, hamstrings, shoulders and quadriceps

  • Reduced injury rate

  • Better functional movement through your core

Clinical Somatic Education and Athletics

How well do you perform in your sport? Would you like to improve the way you play, reduce your injuries and increase your strength? All these are possible with Clinical Somatic Education - an innovative way to relax your body and re-pattern muscles to function in a more effective way.

Booking a Session

Clinical Somatic Education is available at:

Call the location of your choice or contact me to schedule a session.

My half hour session with Richard has helped to resolve issues I’ve had with my hip since I was 20. My mobility, sleep and day-to-day comfort have improved and are only getting better. Finally, my bench press, squat and dead lift have increased by about 25%.
— SM
Since doing Clinical Somatic Therapy, my fitness level has increased and I am able to work out more intensely for longer periods. I also have greater endurance in my body because my muscles are more relaxed. I can train for longer periods and recover more quickly.
— LC
I have always had tight hips but after doing Somatic work, my hip flexibility has increased significantly. I am squatting more weight than before and feel stronger in my legs.
— KM