Richard Hudspith

Photography by  Dawn Oosterhoff

Photography by Dawn Oosterhoff

It is a privilege to work with people and help them become better educated about their body. It is also gratifying to see people learn how their body functions and use that knowledge to improve their life and way of being.

I have taught for over 20 years in a variety of educational, coaching and counselling environments. I also spent 4 years living and traveling through Asia studying theatre, meditation, and various forms of dance and movement.

I was involved in a serious car accident at 7 years old and developed scoliosis as a result.  Throughout the years, the practice of Somatic Education has been critical in reducing and ultimately eliminating the scoliosis.

I was introduced to Applied Somatics by Andrew Teufel and he has been a guiding force in my Somatic journey.  I have studied with Andrew since 2001 and just recently completed my Applied Somatic Education Training.  With this new knowledge I am excited to share all the wonders of Somatics.   

In addition to Applied Somatics, I also implement and utilize many of the principles and theory of Somayog, a form of Somatic Education taught by Susan Randall.  Susan is a beautiful soul whose insight and teaching has made a significant contribution to my work. 

In a Somatic Yoga class, we use the mantra, "Move as you breathe!" to help students use breath to move their body through each pose. Students are encouraged to be mindful as they move so they can feel how their body responds and the effects of the practice. This creates greater sensory motor awareness in the body and increases their body intelligence.

Somatic Yoga is slowly gaining more recognition as people see the value of relaxing their muscles and the value it has in other aspects of their lives.  More and more, people are able to reduce the pain they feel in their body, improve their physical performance (running, working out, yoga)  and perhaps most importantly, they sleep more soundly because they know how to relax and soother their nervous system in order to have a good night sleep.    

Current and previous clients include Shopify Inc., Health Canada, the National Research Council, the Professional Institute of Public Servants (PIPS), Ottawa Fury Women’s Soccer Team and Carleton Men’s Soccer Team.

My own personal homework includes shooting pool, planning the next overseas adventure and the musical grooves of blues, jazz and the Rolling Stones